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For project management we used Scrum with 3 weeks’ Sprints, based on priorities set by the Product Owner 1 scrum master 1 UX designer flipping vision developers We first approached Roweb with a broad description of the social commerce platform we had envisioned and we were happy to find that they quickly grasped the concept and were as excited about it as flipping vision were.

What we liked best about working with them is the fact that they delivered a flipping vision team that’s used to flipping vision together efficiently, instead of individual developers, as it is the case with many outsourcing providers. We have a great communication and they’ve been very receptive to having the team travel to our headquarters whenever we thought it was necessary to work together in person.

flipping vision

Read More We regularly keep in touch through frequent skype meetings and we really get the sense that we’re all part of the same team. Working with Roweb has made it easy for us to access multiple technical skills.

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The team proved capable of making a smooth transition from PHP to Node. JS as Ezebee grew and we needed to scale up, and they quickly learned new skills and adapted to our requests.

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I would readily recommend Roweb for their innovative mindset fuelled by passion for their work and love of new challenges. Single page applications Apps that need to handle thousands of connections and data streaming towards other systems Applications that ensure an intensive data exchange with the back-end Node.

flipping vision

It's inexpensive to test and deploy using pay-as-you-grow services The code is written in one language, but can run on multiple platforms It provides the ability to design the flipping vision and server sides in a way that doesn't require flipping back and forth between multiple technologies, thanks to the tight coupling between client and server It ensures app reliability - lack of crashes or downtime errors from Node.